Hello and welcome!

My name is Jessica Lawson, and I’m an adventure seeker, amateur photographer, and creative type. All my life I've never been able to keep still for very long, and I've always had an inquisitive nature. I have to find ways to focus my energy and excitement in productive ways or through outlets that don't allow me to feel bored. That probably sounds a lot like Attention Deficit Disorder, but I like to call it "wanderlust".

My job keeps me away for long periods of time, and sometimes I am gone on a moment's notice. So whenever I get the chance, I collect and document my memories and make up for lots of lost time. Most of what you find here will be a diary of my travels and the people and places I encounter along the way. In the near future, I plan to incorporate topics that should be useful to fellow creatives, travel-lovers, introverts, and adventurers like myself.

Hopefully, I can inspire others to go out & explore, do a bit of soul-searching, make worthwhile memories, and then write all about their experiences when everything is all said and done.