Barrio Logan


Barrio Logan appears to be undergoing a serious renovation. Luckily, the street murals have stayed and seemed to have multiplied exponentially. Part of a phased collaboration project of Chicano artists, it symbolizes the rich, colorful history of the residents who call this neighborhood their home.  The paintings cover the the pylons of the Coronado Bridge, freeway underpasses, park walls, industrial buildings, and even residential fences. There is so much to take in, and so much that draws attention from the eyes. I particularly love the artwork beneath the bridge in Chicano Park. A secretly quiet place on weekend mornings, I can easily snap photos without much interruption, save for a few passing cars and commuters here and there.

I was pleased to find a quaint, cozy coffee shop that reminded me of a library on the corner of Main and Cesar E. Chavez Parkway. An old familiar market still sits nearby and offers fresh produce on the daily. Across the street sits a new brewery, Crossfit gym, and Asian eatery. Perhaps the nightlife here will be a welcome surprise compared to the much trendier areas downtown. I'll have to check it out, of course with camera in hand.